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Initially, the most important sources of information are the Statutory Returns. These are the official records of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland, maintained since 1855. It is in these records that the initial searches are made in order to positively establish your ancestors.

Under normal circumstances it is fairly simple to identify people who lived in Scotland after 1855.
Acting on information provided by yourself, a search is conducted to pinpoint the person or people who's details you provided.

Once your line has been positively identified, it becomes a matter of sifting through the statutory records building up your family tree.

As the tree develops, we can begin to introduce other sources such as Census Returns and Old Parish Registers which will help to both build a picture of the lifestyle and circumstances of your ancestors and assist in taking the line back beyond the statutory registration period. Depending on which package you choose, many more records are available for research including Wills, Land Sasines, Tombstones, Burgh records and many, many more.

All this information can be enhanced by Old Maps, Plans, Photos and Newspaper reports of the time. A fascinating picture can be built around the basic information, giving you an extremely detailed picture the lives and times of your ancestors.

You must be able to provide at least the following information:

The full name of one or more of your ancestors.

Their date of birth, marriage or death in Scotland.

Where in Scotland the event took place.

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