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Hope this is of help to you.

How far back will my family tree go?

This really is the million dollar question and the honest answer is, no-one can say for certain. There are so many issues. If for example we came across Irish ancestors, your line would stop there. On the other hand if we discovered a Scottish farming family, the line could easily go back to the late 17th century. About the 1780s is average.

How long will the search take?

Under normal circumstances the search will be completed within 4 to 6weeks. A further week is normally allocated for writing the report and preparing the tree. You would expect to see your report between 5 to 8weeks. We would also contact you during the research and keep you up to date at all times with follow on progress reports.

What happens if you fail to find anything?

It will become apparent fairly quickly that no progress was being made and the investigation would be stopped. You would be contacted and we would discuss the implications. If it was decided to abort the search you would only be billed for the time invested up to that point.

Is it possible to up rate the package?

Yes, If there is scope for more research. At the end of each report a number of suggestions are made highlighting your options.

How much information do I need to give?

As much of the known facts about dates, places and relationships as you know. The more we know the more we can use different approaches should we get into difficulties.